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I would like to record my thanks to Rechtsbijstand Nederland for their help with managing the many tasks following the death of my Aunt Nell.

As a beneficiary to my Dutch aunt’s estate, Rechtsbijstand Nederland needed to write to me in the UK and, despite having no current address, managed to contact me and explain very clearly the steps necessary to process the formalities. They replied quickly and with clarity to my questions and were immediately responsive when I suggested dates I could fly out from the UK to Rotterdam.

They then arranged for me to visit the store in Rotterdam where Nell’s possessions were held and a member of their staff met me there and helped me unpack and sort through many boxes of items. For me this was an emotionally difficult process and I cannot thank them enough for their sensitivity, patience and respect for the family heritage, not to mention the sheer physical effort involved in locating mementos for me to take. When I returned to my hotel after a first visit I discovered there were two or three other items I should have taken and they very kindly arranged a second visit, even though I knew they had a busy schedule.

Rechtsbijstand Nederland also located the plot where Nell was buried, and I was able to visit this.

My aunt was the last member of my Dutch family (my father came from Rotterdam), so this was inevitably a stressful time for me, and I count myself very lucky that her affairs were handled by Rechtsbijstand Nederland. No firm could have been more helpful and considerate.

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